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Big Island Tv - Episode 3 Part 1 - Banking Terms Basic

The main topic of Episode 3 Part is on the banking terms understanding. We talk about trying to minimize the frustration of know what banking is all about. Many individuals walk into banks and mortgage and not knowing any of the information that is going to thrown at you and many will typically node their head to make it seem like that understand but once you and your partner get home very confused as what the heck the banker or mortgage broker even said! The starting of the episode we talk about why we haven't released an episode in 3 weeks, and how we put in a lot of work ourselves to get our homes to the quality we produce! Between my father and I ended up getting into a very creative way of buying a home that cost $220,000 but you only have a loan for $215,000 many individuals would just walk away and find something else without considering maybe they have something of value of $5000 that the buyer may consider to include in the escrow to cover the $5000 difference in what you can afford!

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