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Big Island Tv - Episode 1 Maciel Homes

Big island Tv - Episode One Bringing Value to the Community that is looking to move, vacation, or invest In this episode, we talk about the starting of Maciel homes coming to the big island, how it got started and the mission Maciel homes has to stay above and beyond our competition on Island! After talking about Maciel Homes past, we discuss what value Big island Tv would like to bring to our viewers. We want to keep a super casual friendly Hawaiian type style for our viewers, people that are looking to purchase their first home or even those that are looking to retire in Hawaii but don't know where to start! We go into detail of the style of homes we offer and show nice videos and pictures! Please Please Please, if you're someone that is looking to move to Hawaii or someone that currently does live in Hawaii and looking to purchase your first time home on the island, please leave a comment with your questions that you have and would like answered!

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